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Cell Cycle Laboratory

Division of Life Science

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Research Interest

Molecular Basis of Cell Cycle Control in Normal and Cancer Cells



Ho Leung Chan (UG project student)

Yiu Yan Chan (UG project student)

Chi Yin Ching (UG project student)

Hon Fung Choi (graduate student)

Man Wai Ho (graduate student)

Wing Chi Ho (UG project student)

Ou Ning Hsiu (graduate student)

Se Hong Kim (graduate student)

Haocheng Lai (UG project student)

Ho Wai Lau (graduate student)

Tsz Yin Lau (graduate student)

Joyce Mak (research associate)

Joo Hyoung Park (UG project student)

Qiuyuan Qi (UG project student)

Yashvi Shah (graduate student)

Ka Leong Sou (technician)

Michelle Sze Ching Tang (UG project student)

Juyuan Wang (graduate student)

Tsz Kwan Yeung (graduate student)

Yungeng Zhao (graduate student)

Jingjun Zhu (UG project student)

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